Dr Katrina Davis

Research Interests

The overall objective of my research is to identify optimal management of environmental resources to maximise conservation and human welfare outcomes. In particular, my science is focused on improving our understanding of the dynamics of social-ecological systems, particularly marine systems. My research combines demographic and bio-economic modelling, non-market valuation and optimisation approaches. My topical interests include human-wildlife conflict, assessing marine use and non-use values, and spatial marine management.

  • Integration of biophysical connectivity in the spatial optimization of coastal ecosystem services.

  • Key considerations and challenges in the application of social-network research for environmental decision making.

  • To Achieve Big Wins for Terrestrial Conservation, Prioritize Protection of Ecoregions Closest to Meeting Targets

  • Disconnects in global discourses—the unintended consequences of marine mammal protection on small-scale fishers

  • Shifts in national land use and food production in Great Britain after a climate tipping point

  • A generalisable integrated natural capital methodology for targeting investment in coastal defence

  • Estimating the economic benefits and costs of highly-protected marine protected areas

  • Using a residency index to estimate the economic value of saltmarsh provisioning services for commercially important fish species

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