Dr Klara Wanelik

Research Interests

I am a host-microbe ecologist, with a particular interested in individual variation. My ongoing work explores (1) how individuals vary, (2) why individuals vary, and (3) consequences of this variation for large-scale processes, particularly disease dynamics and host-microbe evolution. I take an interdisciplinary approach, studying individual variation across scales: from variation in individual genes, to physiological pathways and whole-organism behaviour and fitness. I have worked across multiple systems including birds and rodents.

My current research focus is on understanding why individuals, in natural populations, vary in their gut microbiome. The model system I am using to answer this question is a population of wild house mice living on the island of Skokholm, Wales. This work is part of an ERC Starting Grant (MUSMICRO).

I received a BA (2011) and DPhil (2016) from the University of Oxford, spent five years at the University of Liverpool (2015-2020) working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, before moving back to Oxford in 2020.