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About the Group

Our work covers a range of timescales and populations, from the initial spread of modern humans out of Africa to the peopling of Europe and the Mediterranean, and more recent migrations events and episodes of admixture. We aim to test hypotheses of dispersal and migration developed against an archaeological and historical background with data generated from the analysis of the DNA from modern populations.

Browsing around you will find an introduction to the various people that in one way or another have been working with us, and a description of the various projects currently ongoing in the lab. Our main interest is the investigation of human evolutionary history. In easy words we investigate genetic variation present in human populations to address questions related to the history of our species, Homo sapiens (or so we try!).

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Cristian Capelli (PI)

Rosalind Harding
Francesco Montinaro (PostDoc)
Cindy Santander (DPhil)
Miguel Gonzalez-Santos (DPhil)
Ryan Daniels (DPhil)

Recent Publications

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