Computational and Spatial Epidemiology Group

Computational and Spatial Epidemiology Group

About the Group

Rapid environmental, evolutionary, digital and socio-economic shifts have profound impacts on the health of populations across the world. Most of my work concerns understanding the statistical relationships between environmental (e.g. climatic change) and demographic changes (e.g., aging societies, human movement patterns) and how they alter the spread of disease in real-time. In doing so my group aims to derive interpretable outputs for policy makers and promote public health interventions to reduce the burden of disease in human, insect and animal populations.

To do so we develop and apply a variety of computational methodologies including those from statistical ecology, data science, machine learning, and phylodynamics and derive and use a variety of globally available emerging data sources ranging from global human movement data, internet generated epidemiological data, viral and bacterial genomic sequences, satellite imagery, among many others. These novel data sources (and computing technologies) offer unprecedented precision in our understanding of these global processes. 

Additional information: I have lectured at MIT, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School where I still hold a secondary appointment in Computational Informatics. Some of our work is done in close collaboration with governmental, non-governmental (UNICEF), and industry partners. I am also a fellow at the Oxford Martin School's Pandemic Genomics programme. I am PI on two Google Faculty Grants, co-PI on a large European Union Horizon 2020 award and a Branco Weiss Fellowship recipient.

I currently accept DPhil applications in Zoology and/or Associated Doctoral Training Programmes as well as applications for research assistants and interns. I will soon also advertise a position for a post-doctoral fellow.

Contact details:

Twitter: @mougk

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Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research
South Parks Road OX1 3SY
Oxford, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)1865 281309

Selected Publications

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